LINK CITY: Delivery Blog, Oprah Pens, Good EA Tip, Jobber Of The Week Returns

A collection of links that would be better if they were Saturday morning cartoons The Pens did their annual delivery of tickets yesterday. Video courtesy of

Talbot: Most bizarre link of the week from Nikki. Oprah the Pens: So Mark Madden writes for the Insider On Pittsburgh Sports now? Interesting. tips from Nick E. regarding HUT and EAPucks:
Hey guys – wrote you on twitter earlier about EAPucks and how to build a team w/o using real money. Below is what I've done since Day 2. (I got the game at a midnight release, but spent the day playing the game itself, not using the strategy I'm about to outline).
Before I describe it though – I'll tell you what it's done for me. I've spent 0 MS points on the game – Just started with the free packs from beating the demo, etc. I always played in 5 rookie tournaments to start grinding pucks and built up about 8000, 7500 of which I used on one of those rare packs, which netted me some average players plus a PK Subban. From the following method I have currently built:
17,000 pucks current pucks
35 contract cards all ranging from 25-35 games; about a dozen training cards including +2 stats, and many +9s
Bobby Ryan / Daniel Alfredsson / Jay Bowmeester / Victor Hedman / Chris Drury / Dany Heatley / Ric Nash / Jordan Staal (as well as filling up my 3rd and 4th lines with Tangradi, Jared Staal, Forsberg, Bill Guerin, Dupuis, Cheechoo, Abdelkader, etc.)
I hate to just list stuff all out, but I just want to prove that it can be done.
Basically, I play the trading system like an auction house. I'm lucky enough to only be starting up a new job next week, so I know I have more free time than some, but I've had a friend of mine do this as well (and he works full time) and he has built up some decent players like Patrick Kane.
What I've done is rather than grind out pucks doing low-tournys (netting about 450-600 pucks a game on average), if you follow the auctions for an hour or two, you will find people who do not know what they are doing, and list players far too low. (Ex. my Jordan Staal was 300 pucks). When I find guys like Erik Cole, Danny Carcillo, etc. for <1000 pucks, they are easily bought and flipped for a 1,000 puck profit. I did this for about 30,000 pucks, and then started buying up better players at bargain prices. For example, if you just search "NHL players" the auctions are listed by the one which will expire soonest. I have found players like Scott Gomez this way for ~1,500 pucks which I resold for 3,500. I found a Turris this way for 1,200 pucks, which I resold for 2,500. I also found an 80 game contract which I bought for 4,000 and resold for 10,0000.
I know this sounds time consuming – but you would be shocked how quickly you can turn a profit. Yes, the more time you put into it, the bigger the turn out, but even just following a few hours can net you either a nice profit of pucks, or a superstar or two to get your team off the ground. I don't think I've ever waiting even 10 minutes before finding some sort of deal.
Now I know this isnt exactly "playing the game". But the best part is you can put as much time into this as you want (or as little), and then start playing and having fun with the players you want.
If you guys or anyone else has any questions, feel free to shoot me back an email, or hit me up on Xbox (clive316). My HUT team is WEARELIONS, and to be honest – I've had such great luck doing all this, I'm more than happy to throw people a contract or something if they need it – so long as they are ThePensblog fans. I can also look out for a player they may really want (I've been great at finding Tangradi's and Simon Depres for myself and a few friends).
Hope this wasn't too long or anything – happy playing
– Nick
PS – I've done this all on Xbox as I've said – I don't claim to know the marketplace for playstation, but I'd assume it's pretty similar. Pensfan1989 sends this unreal speech over. Stark County FTW!
What a pyscho Jobber of the week returns.

More than 400 Norwin High School seniors got an eyeful Friday morning when pornographic photos appeared on a giant screen during a presentation on the importance of donating blood, triggering awkward laughter, a police investigation and an apology from school officials.


The images — described by students as gay pornography — were on a flash drive belonging to a Central Blood Bank employee who was about to deliver a PowerPoint presentation to the entire senior class Check out Wilkes-blog for coverage of the first day of the Rookie tourney Best read of the day: The Gold Rush

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