LINK CITY: Cuts, Suspensions and Obnoxious Jerks

Links that will keep you entertained on Monday night.
Orpik and Crosby came back to practice today.
Asham didn't.

This is a couple days old, but the Caps unveiled their Winter Classic jerseys.

If you don't like them Ted Leonsis will blog about you.

Mike "Obnoxious Douchebag" Cammalleri has been suspended for one game.
Some sort of riot joke should go here.

The Devils are in cap trouble.
Who would have thought signing Kovalchuk could possibly have negative repercussions?
Ryan Lambert at Puck Daddy has some predictions for the season:

Evgeni Malkin will round back into form this season. Something like 35 goals and 95 points.

Read of the Day: Not from Wikipedia, but this is what chicken nuggets are made from.
Go Pens.