LINK CITY: Crosby Cover Up…TK-Staal-Cooke reunited?….Evolution Of Hockey.

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We know the Crosby Concussion story is another in a long list of already overexposed Sidney Crosby stories.
But according to a KDKA graphic maybe it's a cover-up:
Haha thanks to to reader MD for that.
Some notes: the Pens. Disco says TK-Staal-Cooke may reunite. Also, tons of players are sick., more on Crosby's speaking out about headshots. [ Trib ]
"I know it's a fast game, and I think if anybody understands it's a fast game — I've been hit a thousand times — but when you get hit like that, there's nothing you can do. There's no way you can protect yourself," he said. "Those are things that hopefully (the NHL) pays more attention to."   
Interesting sign at last night's game spotted by reader Brad K.
ohh mannnn
It should be… "While my girlfriend is sitting on some guys face."
 You never do this. The guy that made this sign is probably jealous city today. Hugeeee mistake.   


Cool video sent to us by the band FILLIGAR:

Some of those video games. wow.


Wiki read of the day: Amazon River

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Game over.

Go Pens