LINK CITY: Brent Sterling, Camp Preview, Ice Ice Malkin, Ryan Malone

(Editor's note, yes we spelled Sterling's first name wrong. When he makes the team we'll call him by the right name.)


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It's crazy.  As soon as the month of September flips to its 15th day, there's an extra bounce in your step. You can really start to feel the buzz around the beginning of hockey season.  Feels so good.
We missed this really interesting tidbit from Dan Bylsma in the PG.
Bylsma was talking about the Penguins depth, and this came up:
"I kind of see Brett Sterling as a guy who has that ability maybe score goals with [Evgeni] Malkin or a [Sidney] Crosby, in that kind of position. He's going to get a chance to do that in training camp, to see if he can be that kind of player."
(As a quick aside, Eric P. on Wilkes-Blog called Sterling the biggest free-agent signing in WBS history.)
We are into conspiracies, so we're gonna say Shero and Bylsma both keep talking about other players in the press to make Tyler Kennedy overly concerned about everything.  They should even get the Pittsburgh cops to give him parking tickets while he's at practice.
Bylsma did mention something about Chris Bourque in that article, so maybe he was joking.  But maybe Sterling doesn't suck as much as Chris Bourque did.  Either way, just add another interesting subplot to what is shaping up to be the most interesting training camp in some time.

Just kidding.  There's hardly anything interesting about this camp. When Ben Lovejoy's name is mentioned in regard to one of the biggest training-camp battles, it isn't interesting.  Don't get us wrong; it's gonna be great watching three or four guys compete for NHL roster spots.  But compared to other teams, the Penguins' question marks are few and far between.

Rob Rossi has much more on this subject, including a good breakdown on why TK may be the odd man out. Malkin is all business with his new haircut.
Pro Hockey Talk has another pic of him at some photoshoot. Scott A. e-mailed a good read about Ryan Malone being nice. [ Tampa Trib ]

When Gagne was traded to Tampa Bay, that number belonged to Ryan Malone. Gagne was willing to transpose the numbers and wear No.21. But after Malone spoke with head equipment manager Ray Thill following the trade, Malone said he was willing to give the jersey number to Gagne.


"Just to see that act from a player that I played against for so many years, but never really met, it just shows the class of the guy,'' Gagne said of Malone. "I hear a lot of great things about him, and just by giving No.12 away shows what kind of a person he is.''


Malone, who will wear No.6 this season, didn't ask for anything from Gagne in return for giving up his number, although Gagne said a meal on the road at some point during the season is on his list of things to pay back the favor.


"I said we're happy to have him on the team," Malone said. "He's done some great things with that number and it was time for a change for myself, I thought, so it was no problem at all. I just said with open arms, 'Come join the team,' so it was no problem at all."

Classy move.
Now Ryan Malone can disappear in another number. FSN has been busy at the CON. [ Backteching ] Penguins officially unveiled the Consol Energy patch that the Pens will be wearing this year.  [ Empty Netters ]
What we're anxious to see is if it will be on the road white uniforms.
Because, honestly, it would make zero sense to wear this patch on the road. Lastly, look who slithered his way onto Twitter.
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