LINK CITY: Big Batch, calendar pics, dumbest article of 2010
Big Batch News is all business today on the heels of last night's occurences.
Regardless of what you think of our blog, you can never accuse of posting "bait" articles or "busy work" articles, where we'll type a bunch of nothing with a ridiculous title to suck you into the article.  Bleacher Report has become the Internet masters at this.  Too many examples come to mind, but we immediately think of that article after the Super Bowl in February when some clown wanted the NFL to eliminate onside kicks or something.  Dumb.

But this Bleacher Report phenomenon is starting to slip into some of their Pens articles:

We honestly don't care who wrote it.
Ernest Hemingway could've written it for all we care.
But it's just a dumb article.  Sorry.
Great Calendar pics are flying into Gmail.
Keep 'em coming.
These two pics are easily in the top 30 pics in blog history.
We're starting individual team previews next week.
In recent years, we've contacted one of each team's respective blogs to do a write-up.
We're doing it ourselves this year, changing it up a bit.
Stephen S. is hard at work on new logo sets and shit.
Don't know why it took us this long to ask him to help us in this department.
Picasa Alert
Picasa organization is coming along nicely but probably won't be done until October-ish now.
This isn't a life-or-death situation or anything.
While perusing Picasa, we noticed the abundance of anthem pics in there.
We will be stripping those all out and hosting them somewhere else other than Picasa.
Or maybe we'll just delete them?  Let us know.