LINK CITY:MAF MVP, Best Stunned Pic Ever?, Texas Ted and DCsportsblog Feud, GIFs some reason we failed to mention that Marc-Andre Fleury was named team MVP yesterday. [ ] bleacher report's Allison Myers could not be reached for comment. [ Joke ] March Madness winding down, and the playoffs starting. This is like the mating season of Stunned pics. The early entry for stunned pic of the year is some Kansas fan:

hahahha man. great feud us starting behind Texas Ted and Dan Steinberg from Washpo. Steinberg has an innocent enough post about the Caps injuries. [ DCSPORTSBLOG ]
Well for some reason Ted Leonsis wasn't happy. [ Ted's Take ]
"Even though court stenographer Dan Steinberg disagrees, losing key players is tough on a team and its offense. I, too, am shocked at how many shutouts we have experienced this season. The Washington Post lost George Solomon, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon to retirement and free agency and the sports department hasn’t been the same since – not as many points on the board – but they have lost about the same amount of people as most newspapers these days. Rim shot."
Man what a shot. Calling someone a court stenographer? What does that even mean?
thanks to @WilliamFucich for the links. GIF of the day.

Idiotte Friedman had some piece on Pavel Datspuke on HNIC on saturday. This is just weird:

Like do we really need the walk up in some weight room?


Bonus GIF: of the day: Martial Eagle