LINK CITY: Cooke & Asham Hug It Out, Jobber of the Week

Links that are in the best shape of their lives.

The Aaron Asham signing brought about a lot of questions surrounding how he and Matt Cooke would get along after last year's biting thing.  Recently, as the players gathered for some golf thing, those questions were answered:

Cooke turned to Asham and said, “Let’s get this out of the way right now,”
and the two embraced in a hug and said that they were ready to play on the same team.
And then they wondered if anyone actually watches "Big Bang Theory,"
Pens TV is unreal. Tons of interviews from yesterday.
Here is the Asham interview:

There are also some good interviews with some other Pens.
Comrie seems kind of like a dick.
Going to take awhile for us to come around on that front.

And Paul Martin might actually be Dan Bylsma from 5 years ago:

More on this story as it develops.
This is actually kind of creepy.
Some more stuff on the Staal situation:
Marc Staal called what Jordan has gone through a "nightmare." [ Jim Sherry ]
Maybe Marc Staal should worry about getting a ring.
(Thanks to the mayor of link city, Akus, for those links) A bunch of Penguin bloggers had a nice little e-mail convo with Mike Colligan from The Hockey Writers about Evgeni Malkin. [ THW ] Most clear sign that hockey is here?  Mike Green is being a moron.
The title of a recent article: "Mike Green wants to be more of a leader." [ WashPo ]

"I feel that I'm ready to do that, matured a bit over the years, and finally it's my role and my turn to step up," Green said. "We've got some young guys now who need to step in and play I need to be there for them. I think it's just expected. I'm going to meet here with [Coach] Bruce [Boudreau] here today or tomorrow and I'm sure that will come up and we'll see what he says."

Born leaders don't have to announce to the world that they're ready to be leaders.
Mike Green sucks.
We've missed the Capitals so much this summer.  It's good to be back. Penguins slogans are still coming in. Check them out here.
Hot girl of the day:  Redhead from that new Napa commercial.
She's the only thing that saves this commercial.
Feels like it was made in the '70s.  Get real.
Tons of great canidates.
But have to go with this one:  Diamond Dallas Page
Page is suing the electronic hip-hoppers 3OH!3 because they do his patented Diamond Cutter. [ ]
There are "electronic hip-hoppers" now?
What's even better is that this isn't the first time DDP has sued someone over this. In 2007, Dallas Page actually sued Jay-Z because Jay-Z does the Diamond Cutter. And guess what: he got money from Jay-Z. [ Wrestling Review ]
Wikipedia read of the day: Tacoma Narrows Bridge
How about a dude abandoned his dog in his car on the bridge and left it to die.
The dog was frightened and wouldn't come out?  The dude is an asshole.
Happy Training Camp
Go Pens