LINK CITY: Hockey’s Back, NCIS Mentions Lemieux, Osgood Sucks

Links that can feel it coming in the air tonight.
Tough way to begin the morning.  But we got to move on.
Tons of hockey last night. Great quick recaps over at ProHockeyTalk. [ PHT ]
Toronto got shutout. hahha First game in CEC tonight against the Wangs. No info on Penguin rosters yet, although we do know Malkin and Bing are playing. Rick will have more info in gameday. We did hear that our old friend Osgood is suiting up.
Just in case you forgot how big of a dick he is:
That will get your blood pumping. The Pens love the new Arena, too. [ Trib ]

"The atmosphere will be different, and I'm interested to see how loud it gets as opposed to Mellon," Orpik said. "The crowd was always on top of you there. This place has a bit of a different feel. It will be interesting, and I'm definitely looking forward to playing a game here." Mario Lemieux and The Great Homo got a mention on NCIS.  Video >> [ Three Rivers Blog ] Really good read about the Penguins mobile marketing campaign. [New York Times ]
During intermissions while the ice is being resurfaced, ticket holders will be able to send text messages that will appear on the scoreboard, vote for the best player and receive real-time game statistics, Mr. Zimmer said. The Penguins system will also allow tracking of which seating section has the highest amount of texting, and fans sitting in postgame traffic will be able to text in comments and questions to the Penguins call-in radio show, he said.
Pens should be careful about the whole postgame traffic/texting angle.
We don't care, but someone will.  Good shit in that article nonetheless.'s House has a look at some Destiny Has A New Home artwork. [ Mondesi's House ] Read of the day from @wilsmith2win on twitter: Simo Häyhä
Go Pens