LINK CITY: Rick Nash Sucks, Final Columbus Thoughts, WC Rendering, Malkin Trick, AO Falls

Links that are still looking for Rick Nash to show up.

What a job by every Pens fan in Columbus on Saturday night.  Pens fans may have set back Columbus hockey at least 4 years.  But that probably happened when they named Rick Nash their captain.  Nash had a chance to shut Pittsburgh fans up with a big-time performance, but instead he came out, boarded Brooks Orpik, then stood in the corner and cried all night.

Some final thoughts on our Columbus trip Really nice setup in Columbus called the Arena District.  If Pittsburgh had something like this it would clean up.
It probably would've been the outlay in downtown Pittsburgh if Isle Of Capri would have gotten the slots license. Columbus needs a playoff run.  A run into late May would change the town.


Subscribe to Puck Drunk Love Apparently some bars and businesses near the arena had no clue 10,000 Pens fans wanted to eat after the game.
Horrible business operators. Nationwide owns the entire city of Columbus. If Nationwide ever collapses, so will Columbus. Nationwide Arena is legit, too.  Solid place to watch a game. The in-game entertainment makes Ryan Mill look great. They dropped burritos from the rafters. They had a live band. They were as bad as you could imagine. A cannon goes off after every goal. So weird. Finally, thanks to everyone representing with Charlie signs and shit.  It was hilarious walking out of there seeing Charlie signs littered on the ground.  If you took a pic with us, e-mail it in.

Here are some late-arriving stunned pics:

great pic from Mike D.

The legendary James R. with another great shot.

What is she doing with a guy wearing his hat like that?
Epic finger with the thumb at 90 degrees.

This should sum up the rest:

Flash Animation

The "Mason" chant was incredible. Coach John Maclean is fighting off the job questions. [ Star Ledger ] HBO stuff. [ The Star ] read from Rossi on Malkin and injuries.  [ Trib ] things in perspective. [ Get To Our Game ] Granato probably hates you. [ PG ] If you've sent us links or anything in the past three weeks that we didn't post, it's 'cause we messed up.
Send them again.
Sick rendering of the Winter Classic:

This artist is clearly expecting unlimited Caps fans. But it would make sense since the Caps were given the most tickets in the history of a winter classic for an away team.

Speaking of the caps. AO had a little trip this weekend too:

Crosby scores 4 goals on this play.
Malkin city has a new commercial:


Wiki read of the day (tomorrow): Pearl Harbor.