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Not a whole lot of news thus far today. Quick look what others are talking about:
 Mike Adams brings it on the Penguins travels this season. [ Faceoff Factor ]
Now, if one wants to put a tin foil hat on in search of an explanation, one probably doesn’t need to look more than about 250 miles to the east. You see, by evidence of the league’s dealings with Comcast over the last few years, it has become obvious that Ed Snider runs the NHL. Whose team stands to benefit most from having the Pens play an inordinate number of games early, while Sidney Crosby is injured? Why, Ed Snider’s, of course. Funny how it isn’t his team with the brutal opening month schedule, isn’t it? Coincidence? You decide.
We could get on board with something like this.
whhhhhhhattttt . [ PSAMP ]
Cy Clark's Jersey Fetish. [ From the Point ]  
The wild had some show about the offseason. [ Empty Netters ]
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New Head-to-Head games and a Free Thursday Night Live game  [ Sportsfantology ]


Via @blackout_tcs, this is your Shanabanner:


GIF of the day:


Story of the day Zanesville. [ ABC News ]

A grizzly bear, mountain lion and a monkey are still on the loose in Ohio after authorities hunted down as many as 51 ferocious animals who were set free by the owner of an animal preserve before killing himself.

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz told reporters he can't be 100 percent sure that those three animals are the only ones unaccounted for.

Sum of fears in Zanesville, Ohio right now.

For the record:

131 miles, and about two hours separate Pittsburgh and some Lion being in your mouth.


Go Pens.