LINK CITY: Asham Set To Play, Talbot Mud, TiqIq In Tampa, Pumpkin protocol

Links that shot the sheriff but did not shoot the deputy Arron Asham is back, jack. He should play Wednesday in Tampa. [ Trib ] Bay is all jammed up over the game tomorrow. [ Tampa Bay online ]

"We can be on top of the Eastern Conference, we believe in ourselves," — Steven Stamkos

boring quote. Noticed this in yesterday's Trib in regard to Test Tube playing wing.
Max Talbot giving advice on how to play wing?
"Puck retrieval is huge. Whoever is first in the (defensive) zone has that responsibility to help the defensemen.
Down low, if you call for a switch and help the defensemen, that is going to be the job of the center."
That is Max Talbot's stat line this season.  Just sayin'. Some more stuff about Tangradi's demotion at the Trib.

Mondesi's House found this pic in the SI pic vault:
According to TiqIq there are hundreds of tickets available in Tampa.
Some tickets as low as 11 bucks. Yikes.
Our good deed of the month:
We will not be posting pumpkins that are not carved entirely through the pumpkin's skin.
Case in point:
wtf is this.  it's laziness.
Can't tell if this is carved or etched.
can't tell.  leaning toward etched.
Oh that's carved.

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