LINK CITY: Neurogate Rolls On, Writer Gets Owned, Five Stories, Dawson Returns

Links that miss TGIF…….

Friday night. Nothing really going, expect Neurogate raging on. Everyone on the Internet has chimed in on the subject. the truth, it's between the Penguins and their conscience. [ Vancouver Sun ]

WTF? Anyone know why the Vancouver Sun felt the need to chime in?
Do they even have alarm clocks like that anymore? Incredible.
Late addition: Puck Huffers went off about this, too. [ Leave Sid's Concussion Alone ] has the Crosby hit by Hedman. [ Deadspin ]

Bet Darren Dreger turns the channel every time he watches this replay. fans celebrate Crosby's concussion by selling jerseys. [ Crossing Broad ]

Pretty sure Stephen's poop has produced better graphics.

This video was also posted.  Like.. wow.

Who spends that much time on a parody video?

This story was from earlier in the week.

Some dick went nuts about the Winter Classic being in Pittsburgh. [ SI ]

Today that writer, Dan Shaughnessy, was eviscerated by Drew Magary. [ Deadspin ]


Anyone who says "Nuff said" or "Need I say more?" needs to be elbowed in the cock.

Five non-hockey related stories we've read this week: Maybe the most depressing story of the week. Guy hosts a dinner party then blowtorches couple. [ Daily Mail ] via [ The BigLead ] This is unreal. Guy takes a picture right before he is killed, catches his own killer. [ eitb ] The story of the mega millions winner. [ some site ] If you ever wondered what a camel being tickled is like. [ Freakshow ] Everyone sent this in. Crying Dawson now updated. [ JamesVanDerBeekMemes ]

And finally, he has been in the air, all over the world.

Not sure he has ever been underwater:


Attached is a picture of myself with a Charlie sign, 60 feet below the surface of the water, on the reefs of Bonaire, Dutch Antilles.  He's been all over the world, but I don't think he has been Scuba diving before now.

– Bryan Keller



 go pens.