LINK CITY: Still no clue what CRONS is

Links that were found next to a naked corpse in a hot tub.
Pens released the third-jersey schedule.  [ Pens ] French-to-English translation about Crosby. [ via Puck Daddy ] story of the year:  Some weatherman woke up in an empty hot tub next to a naked man with a dog collar around his neck.  The weatherman has resigned from his position.  Tough way to go out.  The best part is that every article about this story makes sure to point out that the weatherman vomited on the carpet.  [ HuffPo ]
ALSO: Lemieux Foundation is on a roll, motivation… Austin's Playroom has been unveiled.  [ MLF ] Sharp joins Craig Adams in the Appendectomy Club. [ Blackhawks ] Fedoruk talks about his drug addiction. [ USA Today ] Cavanaugh of Crons Brand talks about motivational branding for 4 minutes. [ Forbes ]
Come Ready Or Never Start.

Annnnnnndddddddddd we still don't know what's going on.

NHL12 is out.  Bye.