LINK CITY: Camp Day 2, Nickelback Slammed, Bruce Boudreau’s Pens Obession

Links.  Monday sucks.  Go to hell.
Good to have Fleuryous back. is the place to go for recaps of Sunday's practice.
Comrie-Malkin-Tangradi was beastly.  Mike Comrie had some thoughts about it:

“He [Tangradi] is a big kid,” Comrie said. “He’s young and he’s a guy who goes hard to the net. He is going to open up space for us. We only scrimmaged for 40 minutes, but we did a great job of cycling. Sometimes we get caught watching Geno stickhandling because he does that so well, but if Eric can go to the net and create space that will make our line successful.”

> Also, both the PG and Trib are praising the balls out of Tangradi.  Guy is having a great camp.
> Good read about Ryan Schnell, a jobber fighting for his hockey life. [ PG ]
> Rob Rossi has his thoughts on camp so far. [ Trib ]
> "The Big Bang Theory" sucks. In the link above, Rossi is talking about the ice at CONSOL being garbage due to some concerts. One of those concerts was Nickelback last week. And if you hate Nickelback as much as we do, you'll enjoy the scathing review of their concert.  [ PG ]
"On Thursday, one of Canada's finest exports, Rush, arrived at Consol Energy Center with a virtual time machine,
which would have come in handy Friday night.
It would have allowed those with Nickelback tickets to go back in time to the night before
or forward to the 'The Wall' show next week."

Slammmmmmm Speaking of morons, Caps coach Bruce Boudreau has a new commercial:
How bizarre and generic.
Until he gets over his Penguins obsession, he won't win shit.  Idiot.
Andrew sent in this deke on NHL11:
Sabres have abolished the Buffaslug from their uniforms.
They're going back to the crossed-swords logo.  Love it.
And they've officially unveiled their third jersey.  Not bad. [ PHT ]
@moarhops found this Gretzky pic in the basement of the Internet.
Right after this pic, guaranteed Gretzky watched an episode of CHiPs.
The support for Matt's Mellon Arena memorial is still growing.
This is a great idea, and if the Penguins don't even consider this, it will be very disappointing.
Sites that support/have mentioned this Mellon memorial:
Puck Daddy (Even the anti-Penguin commenters love it)
Radio Mentions:
Mark Madden on 105.9 The X
Chris Mueller on 93.7 The Fan

We've quickly realized that collecting Pens wallpapers ain't gonna happen.
People set the wallpaper on their computer for a day and then get bored of it.
So we've stripped the Downloads section out of the top banner.
You can still download signs under the HOME menu.
And something else has appeared in the top menu.
More on that in the coming days.
Wikipedia read of the day: BSAA Star Dust

Go Pens