LINK CITY: Crosby Influential, Mike Babcock Sucks

Links that refuse to talk about Ovechkin's GQ article.
Feels like the Penguins haven't played in 40 days.
Getting shutout in your previous game = "high scoring." Bing was named the 37th-most influential man of 2010.  [ Ask Men ]

The JetBlue homo was like number 47, so who really cares.

But it is interesting that Crosby even gets jobbed in the comments section of that article:
A couple things:
-"bluechip" wants Iginla on the list but can't even spell his name correctly.
-Gotta love that Jarome commenter.  Guns blazing.
-And, yes, Crosby had to beat his defender to a spot on the ice to call for the puck.
With a full arsenal of all stars at his disposal,
coach Mike Babcock went to Crosby twice in a shootout during the round robin.
Speaking of everyone's favorite blowhole, Mike Babcock…
He is talking about Kronwall's cheap shot on Teemu Selanne over the weekend:
“To say he’s a dirty player is wrong,” Babcock said.
“To say he’s dangerous to the opposition at times when he steps up, there’s no question. That’s a fair statement.”
“I think Kronwall plays the game well within the rules,” Babcock said. “It’s well-documented. He steps up and he gets on the hunt for people. He does it way more at playoff time. … It makes you aware. Then later in the neutral zone when you should get a pass, you miss it. That’s just hockey."
We'll always defer to Kronwall going for that hit on Talbot on Game 7
which resulted in Talbot's whipping boy, Brad Stuart, slashing Malkin's stick in half, taking a penalty.
We're the last people to make fun of someone for being fat.
But don't open yourself up like this on YouTube:
Thanks to Eric R. for this.
Solid.  We were told it took this guy 7+ hours to make.  Dedication.
Inconclusive.  Definitely depth to the carvings.
Possibly taken with a camera from the 1920s.
This is from Timmie and Ben in Australia.
10 minutes later, Howard Baldwin arrived asking for royalties.
Look at that knife.  Jesus.
This has been confirmed as a carving.
Some more of our early experiments with .GIFs:

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