Let’s watch Darren Dreger call for Tyler Kennedy to be suspended

Maybe someone can burn this TSN link into a YouTube so everyone can get really, really pissed off. [ TSN ]
Basically if you click the link you will be welcomed to a round table of overly serious jerkoffs who are treating a supposed kick by Tyler Kennedy as if it is a Kennedy assassination remake.
The title of the video is "Fatal Footwork."
Dreger leads the charge with the term "skate-related incident."
Here is a gif of what he is talking about:
Yeah maybe it was a kick. But maybe TK kicked the stick. No clue if he even made contact with Brewer.
Dreger was up in arms about, though, calling for TK to be suspended.
Now, what is really interesting about this situation is how it even got to TSN. You'll notice in the top right corner, the feed of the video is from the Tampa feed.
So you're saying Darren Dreger just happened to remember this incident, but he doesn't mention two headshots delivered by Tampa Bay players on Max Talbot and Dupes?
Almost makes you wonder if TSN was sent the video by the Tampa organization?
With that blanket statement, we will conclude the following: Tampa Bay is scared of Tyler Kennedy.
Go Pens.