LAUNCHING: Playoff Rinkotology and Bracket games

Rinkotology is open for business.

We have two games this year. Our regular Quest For the Cup game, and our original Rinko Brackets.

You can sign up and play here.

Here are the details for each game:

We've been running this game for three years. It is simple. There also is live scoring.

You pick 16 players, one from each team playoff team. 10 forwards, 4 defenseman, and 2 goalies.


The scoring rules are the following:

Forward goals: 3
Forward assists: 2
Defensemen goals: 4
Defensemen assists: 3
Goalie win: 5
Goalie shutout: 5
Goalie assist: 2

Hat trick bonus -2
GWG OT – 2
Stanley cup winning goal -10

*Note: You pick two captains this year. Goalies can not be captains. Captains points are x2.




This one is simple as it gets. Sign up and fill out a bracket.

And yes there is reseeding.


Here are how the stats are awarded:

1. After each playoff series, the results are updated.
2. Each user's picks are scored based on following scoring system:

A) 5 points awarded for each correct first-round pick.
B) 10 points awarded for each correct second-round pick.
C) 15 points awarded for each correct Conference Finals pick.
D) 20 points awarded for correct Stanley Cup pick.
E) If the number of games user picked was incorrect, points are deducted from the maximum points.

example) If user picked 6 games in a first-round series, but the winner was decided in 7 games, only 4 points are awarded to the user.

F) The maximum point possible is 130 points.

G) If more than one user has the same point total. the following rules are used to determine the ranking between those users:
H) No one likes the letter 'H'

i) More points scored in the Stanley Cup Final.
ii) If still tied, tiebreaker will go to who made more correct team picks.