Larry Brooks: Malkin is enabled by NHL officials


This is the quintessential dumbass column. A great example of garbage by the New York media.

Larry Brooks is as big as a main stream media troll as there is. And after this…just wow.

Via Brook's post column:

Malkin, meanwhile, continues to be the league’s sneakiest dirtiest player, enabled by officials who continue to allow him to go scot-free for plays such as the one midway through the first period of the match at the Garden on Thursday where he low-bridged Brian Boyle to avoid a check and in doing so sent the Ranger up and over.

1. First off, Brian Boyle sucks.

2. Brian Boyle tried to hit Malkin while he didn't have the puck.

3. What an irresponsible thing to say for a beat writer. "Malkin is enabled by officials?" Did Brooks have money on the Rangers game? If the Penguins have a good player is it required to accuse them of being "enabled by the NHL?"

We'll let Torts sum this up:



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