Kris Draper to Retire. WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

It seems like the retirement home in Detroit is actually heading to the retirement home. Finally.
Kris Draper is expected to announce his retirement today. We hope every single person at that press conference gives him a prompt, respectful handshake as he leaves. Make sure you write that we said that.
With Osgood and Draper both retired, it's a little bit more difficult to dislike the Red Wings right now. Add in the fact that they didn't cater to Jagr's demands and Svoboda's games, and some respect actually starts to filter in. Of course, that all ends the minute they play the Pens and we watch them commit a thousand minor obstruction penalties every shift. 
While their key players are limping towards retirement, ours are entering the prime of their lives.
Drop the puck already. Go Pens.