Kings fire Murray, John Stevens named interim, Granato staying in Pittsburgh

Via TheRoyalHalf:

Today, Coach Terry Murray was let go by the Kings after 3 seasons and 29 games of service. He was exactly who we thought he would be… a strong, silent, patient leader that would help re-build this wandering Kings team in a "defense first" mentality. And based on Coach Murray's past… he had taken this team as far as he could. He had helped Anze Kopitar become one of the better 2-way centers in the league. He had given Jon Quick the faith and reassurance that has enabled him to become an elite NHL goaltender. And Coach Murray was able to get one great season out of Drew Doughty before he signed a multi-million dollar contract that has screwed with the player he should be. It seems like this was a hard move for Dean Lombardi to make… and even the most callous of Kings fans have to know and appreciate the hard work Terry Murray did for this franchise.

Murray has been replaced by an old friend:

John Stevens lives again.  Back with old friends Richards and Gagne.

So apparently this means Tony G. is staying put, which is the only thing we were concerned about.

The Fourth Period has been put on the NHL fan's terrorist rumor list.