Just For One Shining Moment

We have won 11 in a row.  That's not close to a franchise record.
We are now first in the East.  We are THREE POINTS ahead of Washington who is in second place.
We are first in our division, three points ahead of our nearest competition.
And we are now FIRST in the NHL with 42 points.  Click here and see.
We are first in the NHL in wins.  And first in a bunch of other team and individual stats.
But we have not arrived.
We still have miles to go before we sleep.  Why would we sleep?  The season isn't over.
We haven't arrived.  It's December.  So enjoy the streak, but always remember that the only win that truly matters is the one that brings home the Cup.
Please for just one day.  We beg of you.  More obnoxious Photoshops.  More childish insults.  More jobbing the competition.
Tomorrow all bets are off.  We can worry, we can vent, and we can go back to our individual dark places and touch ourselves.  But for 24 hours we can do that too.  It's the regular season and there are ups and downs all year.
We deserve our success.  We are what our record in December says we are.  A good team in December.  At least for one shining moment.
Ok back to work. Go Pens.
Thanks to Ted Leonsis who taught us to never expect anything and that hard work is needed every night.  We haven't accomplished anything at this point.  Remember that.  Don't turn into what we all mocked last year.  A streak is good, but a Cup is much, much better.  Do it.