Jordan Staal comments on trade

Jordan Staal commented today on trade to Carolina. Puck Daddy has the full story and there are a bunch of great quotes:


"It was a very difficult time, trying to plan a wedding and trying to determine where my career was heading. I did get offered a deal. When I heard about it, I wasn't really comfortable with it yet," said Staal on Saturday.
"Getting that offer in the middle of the summer and just being unsure about the ice time and my role on this team … I ultimately wanted to see how the year went and make my decision from there."

Pic from puck daddy of Staal's wedding:

See his tux lacks as much imagination as his game. JK.

Staal commented on many of his teammates being there when the news broke:

"I don't think we knew when we were planning our wedding date that it was on the draft day, and something like this would happen," said Jordan Staal in a conference call on Saturday. "With my teammates in the back corner there, it got a little emotional. But they knew a lot of good things could come out of this.

Man. Could not imagine how awkward the reception was. We'd pay unlimited money to see vid of the reaction when the news broke.