John Steigerwald vs. Ryan Lambert


Apparently John Steigerwald just went toe-to-toe with Yahoo's Ryan Lambert on some bizarre Trib Live show. Somewhere in there Sidney Crosby was called a vampire and the hashtag #SidneyCrosbyisavampire set Twitter ablaze.

Here is what's going on.

A few days ago Steigerwald wrote the second dumbest article of 2011. (pour one out for Corey C.)

Steigerwald accused A.O. of being on steroids:

There are whispers and maybe even some out-loud conversations around the hockey world about Ovechkin's problem being a lack of artificial help.
In other words, performance-enhancing drugs.

The guy was superhuman when he first came into the league. He had the hardest shot anybody had seen in years. Goalies around the league talked about how it was different from everybody else's shot.

By all indications, Steigerwald made that up.

So enter Ryan Lambert. He blitzed Steigerwald on PuckDaddy:

Steigerwald, clearly not content with having said the San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten into a coma earlier this year by opposing fans brought the attack on himself, published a column on Sunday that did not simply wonder whether Ovechkin's decline in production was the result of his ceasing to use performance-enhancing drugs, as the question mark in the headline implied. He outright said that without definitive proof that Ovechkin did not use performance-enhancing drugs, then clearly he must be presumed to have used them.

We've had big-time battles with Lambert in the past, but, damn, he is right.

John Steigerwald sucks. Last we heard he was running a blog on some car website. 


We'll post the interview as soon as we can.