John Phillips responds to our proposal

Maybe a couple weeks ago, we called out John Phillips about his prediction on Crosby not being able to sustain a comeback.  The news winded its way through the Internet and found its way to Phillips, and he has responded.  Bring it.  We may got with option "A" below, since it involves trolling in some form.


An open letter to The Pensblog

It recently came to my attention that your site made note of a column I wrote recently regarding the return of one Sidney Crosby.  In said column, I laid out my best wishes for his healthy return to hockey, but with a slight twist regarding how many games he would play before Sid goes back to the bench due to 'concusion like symptoms.  That number of games was 11.5, meaning that Crosby would need to play healthy past the mid-point of the 2nd period of next weeks Bruins contest to prove me & that prediction wrong.

Your listed a series of terms that I was to fulfill if Crosby made it past the above mentioned number. 

They were 

A.) Go for a swim in the Monongahela River.
B.) Wear a placard that says "I HATE CROSBY" in front of the American Eagle gate before a playoff game like John McClane did in Die Hard 3.
C.) Admit, on air, that he was wrong about Crosby and that he has the entire Gilmore Girls series on DVD.

To note, I have taken a swim in the Mon before, so that's out.  I can't fit into anything American Eagle makes, so I don't see how wearing a board stating my hatred for them is funny and lastly, what is a DVD?  I have a large collection of Beta tapes featuring hit TV shows like Adam 12, Bosom Buddies, Gunsmoke and other programs that many geeks still enjoy watching today.

But I ask you, what will you be willing to do if Sid can't make the 11.5 games I propose?  I have a few choices you can mull over.  A.)  Stand in front of the Beehive Coffee Shop on East Carson St. with a 'Vote for Mitt Romney 2012' sign.  B.) Erect a statue of me standing over a fallen Mark Madden inside a seedy downtown strip club, declaring my status as Pittsburgh's #1 Pens authority.  C.) Shave 'I listen to 93.7 The Fan all-day' into your head.

Those are my terms and they are non-negotiable, unless of course you pay me in cash, then they are negotiable.

John Phillips