Jobber of the Week

Every Thursday, we will be taking time to reflect on the past week and hand out the Jobber of the Week award.  It is named in honor of Jake Wheatley, since he is a jobber.


This week, we take a cross-continental flight to hand out the award…




Earlier this week, the city of Vancouver threw the NHL under the bus, saying that the league was responsible for the Game7 riots since there are not adequate crowd-control measures in place.  In their statement, they say that 4 of the last 5 years have seen riots take place during the Stanley Cup Finals.  Actually, they referred to the riots as "Stanley Cup riots," which means they could be referencing any riot taking place during the Stanley Cup playoffs. 


Can anyone even think of a riot that has taken place over the past 5 years that didn't involve a Canadian team?  Habs fans have gotten to the point where they riot when McDonald's announces McRibs are back.  Extensive Google searches don't even yield a sniff of a significant "Stanley Cup riot" other than the ones Canadiens' and Canucks' fans threw down.
Another thing to look at are all the opportunities where a riot could have taken place, but it didn't. 
Like, say, Pittsburgh…

And to bring this full circle, if there was ever a time to riot, it would've been after the Game 7 loss to the Habs at the Civic Arena's last game.  Penguin fans could've destroyed the building.  But, no.  Everyone went home.  Asian people weren't re-enacting scenes from 300.   Midgets weren't taunting police officers.  People weren't punching each other.
The problem lies with the city of Vancouver, not the National Hockey League.
Your 2011 riots have their own Wikipedia page.
Jobber of the week: City of Vancouver.