JOBBER OF THE WEEK: Flyers fan commits crime, brags about it on Facebook, will probably go to jail

Dumb criminal, or dumbest criminal ever.

This story may have won the Internet. 

Broad Street Hockey with the early read-of-the-year.

On January 2, 2012, at 7:15pm, three unknown males wearing Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys assaulted two males while at Geno's Steaks located at 1200 South 9th Street. The assault began after the Winter Classic hockey event and the male victims were wearing New York Rangers jerseys. During the altercation one of the victims were seriously injured.

We may have found the guy, and it didn't even take any detective work. He posted on the Broad Street Hockey Facebook page and said he did it.

We put all BSH stories up on our Facebook page, obviously, and it was no different earlier today when we wrote about this incident. The post garnered several comments.


Here is the comment the guy left:

Mr. Neary then friended Broad Street Hockey but then took it back. But not before they got his picture:

Honestly, only a Flyers fan would take this type of picture and then call someone else a "fagit."

Moving on, Neary had one more trick up his sleeve.

As per Broad Street Hockey:

UPDATE TWO: He deleted everything and changed his Facebook picture to one that's not of himself.


Dear God, what an idiot.

You can read the entire article here.