A special Wednesday night edition.
Our dear old friend Carrot made some headlines in Pittsburgh recently.  Join us.
In one of our last posts over at the good ship Blogspot on January 7, 2009, we were settling in to recap a 3-1 win over the Atlanta Thrashers, and the screenshots simply would not stop coming into our inbox.  During the game, after a goal by Petr Sykora, the FSN cameras panned to the crowd and we all witnessed this:
Given her complexion, we decided to call her Carrot.  And given the unreal shirt the guy was wearing, we decided to call him Unreal Shirt.  We quickly learned from some readers that the girl had a penchant for basically stalking Evgeni Malkin.   A couple weeks went by, and we received this e-mail that we ended up confirming was in fact from the girl in this screenshot, and her name is Brittany. 
okay well im going to be very mature about this whole situation before i take this matter into someone else's hands. i religiously watch these games and go to these games. i don't appreciate how my boyfriend and i are being portrayed in an unfair manner by your "jobbings" of the two of us. and to answer all of the above. no that was not a first date, we have been together for a year now going strong. i DO NOT stalk malkin. stalking is following someone everywhere they go, waiting for autographs for my friends and i is a completely different story., ahh i love having all the players' autographs!  And i would REALLY love to know how the hell you know so much about us, wouldn't that make you the stalkers? i really do believe that at least one of the members of the self proclaimed "pens blog staff" is indeed a student rusher for how would you know so much about me? And the majority of the fans who show up for warm ups are indeed student rushers, so that pic with the sign that says on the other side "it's a great day for winning", yeah that's included in the list of things that need to vanish.  the carrot, unreal shirt is from buckle so yeah it IS unreal-ly expensive!, everything associated with the rude comments, say good-bye!  Well, i hope that you have at least the slightest sensibility in you to forget the whole thing and do the appropriate action! Thank you and lets go pens!

Fast-forward a little bit to the middle of February, and this picture appeared on the Penguins website as part of a fan-pictures collage:
That same night, a reader snapped this pic with her:
She likes us. 100 bucks the guy in the middle is posing as Unreal Shirt.

Then we go to the stretch run into the 2009 playoffs.  A friend of ours snapped this pic with Carrot:
Then came Game 2 of the Carolina series.  Malkin completes a hat trick with the hurricane move.  The Versus cameras pan to Geno's parents in the stands, and…
Stunned.  We can remember screaming, "Holy shit.  That's Carrot."
Then some pics showed up during the remainder of the playoffs:
Unreal Shirt
So, as it turned out, her complexion really wasn't that bizarre at all.

Everything was quiet for a while until December 2009 when C-Blog foremother Coffeytalk organized a Mario Lemieux Foundation Festivus fundraiser at what used to be Calico Jack's on the North Shore.  Guess who was running the door that night:

Yes, it was her.  After taking this pic, we talked to her for a good bit and apologized for shit.  Innocent human being.  Extremely affable.  She definitely had a je ne sais quoi about her.  Adam's drunken delight of being in the presence of Carrot actually signaled the beginning of the end of a relationship he was in at the time. At some point in the night, that delectable red hat started finding its way around to the patrons of the bar…


Lowell and thickANDY in their prime.  thickANDY won some huge basket of Red Bull as part of the raffles that night.  He then turned around and used all the Red Bull to give everyone in the bar a shot.  One of the top 10 moves we've seen made by someone in a social setting.

To make it better, Unreal Shirt even came and picked her up later in the evening. By the end of the night, the red hat had seemingly disappeared.  She was on our balls about it, wanting it returned, but we really had no idea who took it.  Maybe a week or two after this Festivus party, Evgeni Malkin had a hat trick at the Civic Arena.  We were told by people familiar with the situation that Carrot's red fedora made it to the ice surface that night.  It's what she would have wanted.  This was confirmed when that boy scout who gives the hats to charity mentioned the hat when asked about the most unusual hats he's seen thrown onto the ice:
After that night at Calico Jack's, Carrot pretty much fell off the face of the earth.  Until recently…

Since the Festivus night, according to, Carrot has also dabbled in modeling and gone through a goth phase.
Then came last week, when it was reported that some girl caused a huge scene at the "American Idol" auditions in Pittsburgh and ended up getting thrown in jail for trespassing.  Guess who it was.
boom.  She's apparently spent like $10,000 flying to various cities for "American Idol" auditions.
Bob Mayo got the story of his career when he was assigned to go interview Carrot at the Allegheny County Jail upon her release.  Here's the WTAE article, which includes a 7-minute video of Bob Mayo interviewing Carrot. Pittsburgh news websites are stuck in 2004, so they don't let you embed their videos onto other websites.  Plus they use a strange video player that thwarted us in our attempts to extract the .flv file and upload it to YouTube.  There is also video of Carrot singing at that WTAE article.  In watching that interview with Bob Mayo, it seems like Carrot could basically kill you without thinking about it.
So, that's where we are.  We knew Carrot was a jobber.  That being said, if you or someone you know has pull in the Pittsburgh courts system and can clear Brittany of her charges, please do.  Go Pens.