Jobber of the Week: “That Guy.”

Every Thursday, we will be taking time to reflect on the past week and hand out the Jobber of the Week award.  It is named in honor of Jake Wheatley, since he is a jobber.
From  reader Jason K:
So I was playing hockey this morning at the (other) house that Mairo built (Iceoplex @ Southpointe) when I was forced to change in the same locker room with this guy! Are you kidding me!? There is no excuse for ANYONE to wear that number on a sheet of ice let alone wear that number with THAT nameplate!

Well his name is [ REDACTED ] and although his name has been changed to protect the innocent (guilty), I'd like to call on The Pensblog nation to hold an intervention and say a silent prayer for [ REDACTED] soul. Hopefully he will repent and put that jersey where it belongs, (i.e. NOT ON HIS BACK!!!) and bow to it thrice daily.
Please help me bring this man to Mario so he can play hockey for eternity on the biggest sheet of ice in the afterlife. And if he doesn't repent? Then I think Matt Cooke need to have a skate with this man and go elbows up into the corner…


Have to agree with this 100%. If you are playing ice hockey or dek hockey you should refrain from wearing 66. If you wear 66 when you play, you are a jobber. 
Case closed.
Go Pens.