Jobber of the Week: Minnesota Dad edition

Every Thursday afternoon, we will be taking time to reflect on the past week and hand out the Jobber of the Week award.  It is named in honor of Jake Wheatley, since he is a jobber.  "Jobber" actually doesn't even have a definition.  It is what it is.
This week, we take a look at a Minnesota dad who tried to perform the ol' twin swap.
This happened a few weeks ago, but it's not exempt.
We all have seen these "money shot" attempts from center ice where people can try to send a puck through a hole barely wider than the puck itself to win cash money. 
A couple weeks ago, some 11-year-old kid in Minnesota, apparently Nick, made the shot.  Everyone was stunned.  The company insuring the event, based out of Reno, started pooling together the $50,000 cash prize.  But in a surprise turn of events, the father of the boy came clean the next day and said that it was actually Nick's twin brother, Nate, who made the shot.  But Nick's name was written on the entry ticket.  The insurance company then said the shot didn't count, but the company did end up donating $20,000 to Minnesota youth hockey in the boys' names.
So the head of the insurance company isn't the jobber.  It's the dad of the twins.  He knew what he was doing all along.  He said Nick went out to play with his friends, which allowed Nate to take the shot.  Nate is obviously the better-talented of the two boys, and the dad, who is probably named Troy, started counting the cash.  The dad later said something to the effect that he didn't expect Nate to make the shot.
There's video of the event, which makes you think the mother was in on it, too.  Who records footage of their son if they think he's going to fail at something?  She knew this more-talented brother was gonna house this shot.
Our guess: One of Nick's "friends" who he went out to play with is one of those friends who you tolerate being around because he's part of the whole friend group, but you can't really stand him.  Nick's foe's father is a big deal in the youth-hockey program.  Nick's friend's father caught wind of it and, instead of being smart and asking for half of the prize from the twins' father, he simply threatened to go to the papers with the scandal.