Jobber of the Week: Carrot’s Back UPDATE: The Story


Well this is sad. Guess who is back in jail…





A former "American Idol" hopeful has been arrested in Pittsburgh for the second time since September.
Brittany Acosta, 21, was being held on $5,000 bail Wednesday in the Allegheny County Jail, charged with harassment and stalking. The details of her arrest are not yet known.
Carrot popped up on our radar earlier this week when a reader sent in this screenshot.
Free Carrot.
Per a source familiar with the situation, Carrot is in jail because of a landlord filing charges against her. Apparently she got an eviction notice, and then tried to straighten it out by calling the landlord. The landlord then turned around and called police. Accused her of stalking.
She has no clue where the 5K will come from. Sad times.
Free Carrot.