Jeremy Roenick Offends Philadelphia Flyers Fans on TV & Twitter

It all started when Jeremy Roenick discussed Philadelphia Flyers fans on a cable TV show. Roenick mentioned a few situations where Flyers fans were less than hospitable and called Philadelphia fans "crazy, crazy sons of bitches."

You would think that they would take that as a compliment. You'd be wrong. (Also, Roenick loves Phil? Who's Phil? Joke.)

Puck Daddy has the video:

Master Debaters: Jeremy Roenick on Philly Fans from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

Note that Jay Mohr called Philadelphia fans "the most disgusting human beings [he's] ever seen in [his] life."

Of course, because their feelings were now hurt, Philadelphia fans responded by attacking Roenick on Twitter. Roenick responded by desperately trying to explain himself and arguing back with several fans. Tip, if you're a professional athlete or a former professional athlete, it never looks good on you to argue with fans on the Internet. No one in history has ever come out of an Internet fight looking good.

Here's a random selection of Roenick's Tweets, in no particular order:

Very disappointing as an American? What? What does being American have to do with anything?

We get it Jeremy. You weren't saying that Flyers fans were bad, you were saying they were tough to play against. People took your remarks badly and attacked you for it. That sucks for you. We understand your need to explain yourself and Twitter is a good way to do that. But an assault of Tweets that includes insulting individual fans doesn't look good on you. Make one statement and let it die. Arguing with people online won't solve anything. It just brings you down to their level.

We'd suggest that you take what Patrick Roy said about you all of those years ago and put your Stanley Cup rings in your ear to block out the crap others say about you.

Oh… wait. Sorry.

Philly sucks.