JAGR WATCH: Day 10, Decision Day.


It was July 11, 2001. Roughly 3,637 days ago. On that steamy July day, Jaromir Jagr was shipped to the Washington Capitals in one of the worst trades in the history of sports. It was the beginning of the end for the Penguins for the next five years.
Today, June 29, 2011n we'll know if Ol' Double J is coming back home. 
Home to complete his legacy.
Home to maybe make things right.
Home for us to cheer for him.
Jagr was presented with a deal, and the Penguins want an answer today.
As Shero told the PG: "Tomorrow is decision day."
The news came as JAGRWATCH spread continent-wide.
Pittsburgh to all over. Reader
@penguins23 was at the Blue Jays/Pirates game, but he was on JAGRWATCH:

Now, Jagr reportedly has offers from Detroit and Montreal.
But as his agent has confirmed he wanted the Pens to make an offer.
That offer has been made.
And now we wait.


Jagr is presumably in Prague. Here is a clock of Prague
Come home Jagr.