It Was Two Years Ago Today

[And We Can Rest In Peace]


Forever and ever, the last 16 seconds of this game will play in our minds.

With every passing year, as brisk fall nights turn into winter wonderlands, the Fleury save will become bigger and bigger while Talbot's goals will be replayed in driveways all across Western PA.

This Stanley Cup championship could not have come at a more glorious time for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
It's only fitting that a banner will be raised in Old Lady Mellon's last season.
A banner that will read: 2008-2009 Stanley Cup Champions.

And then, two years from now, when you are relaxing in that new Consol Engery Center,
you'll put your souvenir cup in an unreal cup-holder and look to the rafters.

And that banner will still be there.

10 years from now you'll take your kids to a Penguin game.
And that banner will still be there.

And when those same kids end up taking YOU to a game when you're a 96-year-old joke,
you'll use the last ounce of energy in your life to look to the roof.

And you will remember.

You will remember…


Go Pens.