It is okay women of the world. Mark Madden was just playing a radio character

Mark Madden reached out to Jezebel, after they posted his bizarre tweet.

Here is his apology:

I owe women in general an apology. Maybe not that one. Her language and attitude toward me has always been abusive. But I got a bit carried away playing my radio character, which is a TV wrestling bad guy. I used to be one of those, w/WCW as a color commentator. I deleted the tweet because a teacher lectured me via Twitter, and I felt bad because my late mother was a teacher. So, mea culpa to anyone who feels one's coming their way. I thought it was just show biz.

And I thought it was just Twitter. I get abused constantly via Twitter. My dead mother gets taken to task. One guy points out that I'm 50 & unmarried, and tries to get #sandusky1stmaddennext to trend. I guess all that is OK if you do it under cover of anonymity.

Bottom line: I was just trying get under the skin of one person. To anyone else who feels they caught any shrapnel, I say, "I'm sorry." I'm not sure I owe an apology to anyone who calls me a "fat fuck." Any woman who's ever worked with me knows I treat them with respect.

Twitter = not show biz.

The internet seems to have defeated Mark Madden once again. 

There is a game on in like 8 seconds.  go pens