Is Godard Needed?

Yeah, it sucks that enforcers are seeing roster spots dry up because the NHL has been pretty much all about speed for the last couple seasons.  But there is a need for an enforcer on every NHL team, especially in the Atlantic Division, where the Rangers and Flyers pretty much designate two roster spots per season for enforcers.
With Crosby and Malkin in your lineup, you want that enforcer.   Ray Shero realized that back in 2007 and grabbed up Georges Laraque and, to an extent, Gary Roberts.  Laraque and Roberts stayed with the Penguins throughout the 2007-2008 season, both leaving after the SCF loss to the Red Wings.
Enter Eric Godard.  In his two seasons as a Penguin, he's played 71 games in 2008-09, and then 45 last season.  He lost 4-6 weeks last year to a groin injury. However, when the playoffs come around, Eric Godard is up in the press box, having never seen the ice.
Fast-forward to this season, where Mike Rupp and Arron Asham, both solid fighters, are essentially locks to make the top 12.  So where does Godard fit?  Or why does Godard have to fit?  He's the most expendable player on the Penguins roster, by far.  He's making $775,000 this upcoming season.
Trading Godard for a turd draft pick somewhere could free up some cash.
Easier said than done.
We'd just rather have someone who can score goals.  Anyone.