Introducing Rinko Redemption & Clutch City News

Introducing Rinko Redemption!

If your Quest for the Cup team failed as badly as the Pens power play in round one, you'll now have a chance at redemption.

Here's how it works:

You pick ONE player from each NHL playoff team (5 forwards, 2 defenseman and 1 goalie.)
Roster selection locks April 30th, 8:30pm Eastern.
Registration fee is $5.
You can sign up as many times as you want.
Round 2 Game 1 games will NOT count in the stats.
Top 3 scores will share 50% of the pot.
Clutch City Round One Winners will be announced soon.  We just want to double check the stats first.
Clutch City for Round Two is now open.
It works the same way as round one and the deadline is April 30th, 8:30pm Eastern.
Sign up at
At least you'll have something to cheer for in round two.