Introducing “The Pensblog All-Time Favorite Penguins Playoff Goals”

We're trying to determine Pensblog readers' favorite all-time Penguins playoff goal and we're doing so with a 32-goal tournament that will end with one goal left standing.

But first things first. Today, we're listing the nominees. In the poll below vote for your 15 favorite goals out of the goals listed. These suggestions came from us and from Twitter. As you can see, there are more than 32 goals listed here. Once the voting is completed, we'll take the 32 goals that received the most votes, rank them based on the number of votes they've received and put them into divisions for the start of the tournament.

If you don't recognize one of these goals from the description, it's obviously not one of your favorites.

Vote after the jump.

Please choose your favorite 15 goals out of the goals listed in this poll. If we missed anything, there's a spot to add your own answer. Please be as specific as possible when adding in your own choice. If we don't know what you're talking about, we can't include it.

The poll closes on Thursday at 6pm. If you can't see the poll below (we're having some problems) you can view it here.