Inside the mind of Ray Shero

From reader Pittsburghler:

My father, being the hoarder that he is, bid on a bunch of crap from The Igloo during one of the auctions.  Among his winning bids were some office chairs from the Penguins boardroom, some player lockboxes and a file cabinet from Ray Shero's office.  However, the lockboxes  and file cabinet were locked, with no keys provided, so we had to hire a locksmith to open them and cut new locks.

As we opened the top drawer to King Shero's file cabinet, my face almost melted off.

The inventory is as follows:
  • 3 White legal pads
  • 1 Yellow legal pad
  • 2009 Official Guide and Record Book
  • 2010 Official Guide and Record Book
  • 2009 Official Rules x2
  • 5 packs of eclipse wintergreen gum
  • 1 PowerBar
  • 2 Bottles of Purell Hand Sanitizer
  • 1 Box of highligters
  • 1 Universal Remote
  • 1 DirecTV Remote
  • 1 Blue pen
  • A bunch of Penguin logo notecards
  • A stack of Game Observation sheets with the retro 90's Penguin logo.

And he sent more pics