Injuries, Etc.

Heading into Pittsburgh tomorrow night, the Red Wings aren't in good shape injury-wise:
When you add in the fact that Sid is still out with a concussion, you're looking at a game that's lacking a lot of star power.  Who the hell is in net for Detroit?  Oh… Joey MacDonald.  That's just screaming for an outstanding performance from an no-name goaltender.
Meanwhile, everyone wants to talk about Sid's concussion:
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Yes, the NHL does need to protect the health of the players.  But, seriously, the All-Star Game?  You think Sid missing the All-Star Game is the biggest issue here?  How about Sid missing a significant amount of time during a season where he was on pace to hit some pretty impressive numbers?  That's a worse situation for the NHL.
In another injury note, Eric Godard skated today.  Plan the parade.
In anticipation of the Detroit game, the Pens website posted highlights from the 2009 Cup win:
Go Pens.