Ice Crew Auditions
The hot topic in Pittsburgh this summer other than Big Ben's penis has been the addition of an Ice Crew to the Penguins' home games.  After some initial confusion as to what this crew would be exactly, things have settled down.
Now things are picking back up again.
The tryouts for the females are being held this weekend in Southpointe.
There was an interview process:

Saturday’s tryout began with a brief two-part interview session as the girls were divided into groups of five, with each group called into an interview room where they stood in front of three evaluators. Once in the room, the girls were asked why they want to be a member of the Ice Crew, and then they were asked to perform a spin or similar dance move.

How awkward must it have been to do a spin move in front of a panel of judges?
This kid better be there when male auditions are held on August 11th.
After the interviews, the girls hit the ice to show off their unreal skating.  And then they got American Idol'd down to 22 lucky ladies who will return on Sunday for the steel-cage match of their lives.  The 22 finalists will be put through the wringer on Sunday, a day where they will have to do solo skating sessions and show if they can master wielding a shovel.  At the end of day on Sunday, we will know who has made the cut.  If we weren't trying to protect that kid from getting beat up in school, we would live-blog Sunday's tryouts.
We've granted Charlie two weeks off in order to prepare for the August 11th tryouts.