How to start, continue, and then wash your hands of a trade rumor in 6 tweets

Brilliance was on display this afternoon.

No, Apollo 13 wasn't on.

The Internet mastermind known as Eklund vamped up the universe in six simple tweets regarding the Rick Nash situation.

Starting around 4:35 this afternoon Eklund did what he does best. Start a rumor, and watch the world burn.



This would give the indication that a deal is done.


The tease supplied. By now everyone is talking about it.

All of sudden it is a rumor, but we thought it was done. Internet raging.

Festering the rumor.

By now, almost any hockey fan on the Internet is in full troll mode.

Ah the finale. Take a rumor you started, wait for a denial, and then act like it is helping your case.