How the Penguins should memorialize Mellon Arena
For the record, this is not our idea.
If you give us credit for this idea, we will come to your house and cut your ethernet cord.
This is the brainchild of Twitter user @PensBoozeAnger, who also answers to "Matt."
We are 800% behind this idea.  Just imagine this etching on this window.
It could just be a very light shade of gray.  It won't obstruct the view outside at all.
Just a simple outline of the Mellon Arena would suffice.  DO IT.  DO IT.  DO IT.
This isn't the main window that will give people a view of the Pittsburgh skyline.
When the Mellon leaves this Earth, this window will give us a great view of…Crosstown Boulevard.
We're all about saying goodbye to the Mellon Arena.  She was a good ship.
But when your grandmother dies, do you just forget her and pee on her ashes?
Unless you're Mel Gibson, the answer is no.
Do it, Penguins.
As a quick aside, when we were examining sightlines from this window,
we noticed CONSOL Energy Center has finally appeared on Google's Satellite map.
Go Pens.