How It’s Made : Sharpie Portraits

Here's a rundown of the steps involved in creating the large portraits.

I. Framework

Using various rulers, templates, french curves and some ballsy freehand work,
the basic frame(based on smaller sketches) is done with a fresh sharpie:
Here's a closeup of the framework:

II. Edging

Before rendering the large portions of black, the initial framework is given a little padding to make filling in a little easier:

III. Finished Linework

At this point, it's just a matter of staying within the lines. Adding the edging first allows the final Sharpie layer to go on in one direction giving the final piece a sharp clean look:

IV. Finishing Touches

Here the black gets a quick once-over with a Charpak marker to cover up any streaking.
The gold is applied freehand using a Prismacolor paint marker:
The photo doesn't really do the gold justice… it really glows when the light hits it.

This is how my week was spent and I couldn't be happier.