RECAP: Honeymoon’s over. PENS LOSE.

(Stephen S. is off all week. Can you tell?)

Was listening to The Fan on Thanksgiving morning from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m.  Pretty sure it was Troy Clardy hosting.  Basically, he was saying that it was foolish for Pens fans to have started "planning the parade" after the 5-0 win over the Stains on Monday night in Sid's return, it's a long season, too many things can happen, blah blah blah.

A.) Pretty sure where he's getting these sentiments from.  How did every Penguin fan you know react to what we all witnessed on Monday night? We're checking Twitter constantly during games to find pics, links, etc., all the while reading what Pens fans are saying.  Out of maybe 8 million tweets we read Monday night, maybe 11 of them had the word "Cup" in them.  And paraphrasing our recap from that game, we said something along the lines of staying the course while at the same time acknowledging there's nothing but good things in the Pens future. THERE IS NO WAY a Pens fan woke up Tuesday morning not feeling like this team could compete with anyone in the NHL.  Hell, most Pens fans were thinking that same way before Crosby's return.  But that sentiment reached the airwaves and inboxes of media personalities following that Monday game, and it's been misconstrued to the point where Pens fans are now putting the cart before the horse.  Not at all.  It was a unique night filled with unique emotions.  There was a feeling during that game that only comes around maybe a half-dozen times a season.  Emotions were running wild.

B.) Not jobbing Troy Clardy at all.  Knowledgeable guy. Good on him for working on Thanksgiving and talking about the Pens for a solid chunk of 34 minutes before jumping into the STEEELELELEHEHEHEEERGGERRRRSS.

C.) Thankfully, for any Pens fans who are actually punching tickets to the Finals already, Wednesday night's game was a stark reminder of what an 82-game season is all about.

D.) Crosby and Backes got into some shit.  Every Pens fan would prefer that Crosby never get touched when he's on the ice.  Yeah, that's not gonna work.  David Backes couldn't care less about Sidney Crosby.  He has own paychecks to earn.  This Backes pillow fight is nothing compared to what lies ahead.

E.) Happy Thanksgiving.  Gonch coming to town Friday night.  Crosby putting on the Winter Classic uniform for that one.  Buckle up.

And now, the go-to Thanksgiving YouTube.  NSFW or nieces and nephews.

Catch you on the flip side.