Homo the Goat: “I’m not gay.”

"It's something I've been dealing with my entire life," said Homo.  "You think college was easy with a name like Homo and having a best friend that was an octopus?  Jesus."

Mr. the Goat took multiple trips to the local library this past summer to research his family lineage and to uncover the origins of his unique name.  What he discovered helped give him some peace of mind.
"Apparently, there was a typo at the farm's notary when I was born.  My name was supposed to be Bob.  Honest mistake.
I'm not gay, I'm not a homosexual, and there's nothing wrong with being a homosexual.  If someone looks at my name and automatically assumes I'm gay, maybe that person is the homophobe."
Editor's note: Homo the Goat ate the second page of this article.