Hockey = Insane Violence: Some Writer

Trevor Gillies' recent idiocy has people bringing the Mario Lemieux criticism back to the forefront.  Somehow, Nick Colombo, who writes for CBS New York, decided to take the stupidity to another level with his recent article:

If the Islanders-Penguins game a few weeks back bothered you, maybe you should start watching golf. If Trevor Gillies’ hit vs. the Wild last night (in his first game back after a nine game suspension) has you angry that hockey is too physical, maybe it’s time you make chess your hobby.

What you shouldn’t do is go out and start complaining that hockey is too violent and the game needs to be made safer.

So I conclude with this – bravo Trevor Gillies. Also, thank you to Garth Snow for not trading Zenon Konopka. In the future, the Isles will need players like this to win. For now, they need guys like this to protect players like John Tavares. The team may not be tallying wins, but at least they can kick some booty.

So to the Mario Lemieux’s of the world who quiver at the sight of a little blood on the ice: Get a life, stop complaining, and book your season tickets to the ballet.

The confusing thing here is that Colombo writes that he's "not saying players should go out and intentionally look to hurt each other" in a piece defending Trevor Gillies.

We're not even sure what else to say here.  Writing anything that tries to debate what is one of the most ridiculous "arguments" we've ever seen feels like a complete waste of time.

The sad thing is that the author likely wrote this piece to bring attention to himself and his site.  So it looks like he accomplished that pathetic goal and, sadly, we helped.

Suck it.

Go Pens.

Thanks to @peteshelly on Twitter for bringing this to our attention.