Here’s how it’s done, Pacioretty

What a player. 
By the way, that's how you're supposed to play when you're unreal.
A couple observations and assumptions from this game/YouTube: are halfway through a power play.  Based on Lemieux's team-leading 26:27 of ice time this game, it's safe to assume Lemieux was already on the ice for the entire first minute of this powerplay.  Or maybe it was an abbreviated power play. Then we sit here and watch Lemieux ferociously backcheck, change direction, shift to another gear, and blow past Chara.  Get real. Penguins ice-time leaders this game:
-Lemieux 26:27
-Straka 25:11
-Jagr 24:47
-Kovalev 24:20
-Lang 21:59 defensemen even play?  Kasparaitis finally came in at 20:42.  Even Kevin Stevens' 19:47 beat out all the other defensemen.  What the hell was Hlinka doing?  All we can assume is that the Islanders took close to 15 penalties this game or something, giving the PP all the ice time. judging from the box score, two Islanders players had 19 PIMs and 10 PIMs.
Maybe the Pens had two 5-minute majors to work with?
Somehow the Pens lost this game 3-1.