Get Ready For Another Matt Cooke Controversy Where Everyone Gets Upset

Midway through the third period of Pens/Rangers, Matt Cooke took this penalty:

The hit is as indefensible as it gets.
And now get ready for the nauseating reaction.
Now, first thing's first. It is hard to say it cost the Pens the game. The Pens actually scored on the PK. And then Matty Nisk took a high-sticking penalty. The crowd was in a frenzy, as the Pens nearly killed the penalty. But the Rangers broke through, and the walls came tumblin' down.  And the walls…
Did Matt Cooke cost the Penguins a win? No. But this is what it causes:
Elliotte Friedman is a jackass.
Bizarre "e" at the end of his first name.  No clue what that is about.
Now to the flying elbow itself:

There is never a good time for a hit like that. Ever.
But for it to happen:
A.) On national TV
B.) The week after the GMs just met to go over such things.
C.) To an Irish person near St. Patrick's Day.
Not to mention with anti-Penguin blowhard Eddie O in the booth starting the cries.
So what will happen? Matt Cooke will get suspended for 10+ games or maybe the rest of the season, including playodds. And that Justin Bourne guy that writes for Puck Daddy will write a column about how NHL players react to headshots, even though he never played in the NHL. And we'll hear from outraged sportswriters and anti-Penguin bloggers.
A lot of people have already distanced themselves from Matt Cooke, but whatever.
We'll take the route of defending Matt Cooke.
Because we're loyal SOB's.  Don't really need a reason.
Free Cooke.