Gameday Character Tempers Boil Over At Practice

Tensions were high today at Gameday Character practice today.
Following the shocking arrest of Carlton over the weekend, Hacksaw sat the team down before practice to discuss decorum and the team's expectations for Gameday Character behavior.  What resulted was an intense argument between Hacksaw, Ron Jeremy and Hank Scorpio that lasted for quite some time.  The team did not release the details of the discussion, but it's rumored to have revolved around Gameday Character behavior on off days.
In addition to the heated discussion, Gizmo and Professor Chaos ended up in a brief scrum during practice that had to be broken up by Andy and Red.  Gizmo missed the first few weeks of the season with an injury sustained during training camp and has been under fire from team officials for his slow start to the season.  Professor Chaos has seen limited action this season despite a strong preseason.
The only other note from today's skate is that John McClane missed practice.  The undisclosed injury is not considered serious and McClane should not miss any time.
Neither Hacksaw nor any Gameday Characters spoke to the media, as the team held another closed door meeting following practice.
It was not announced who would get the start on Wednesday against the Stars.