Gameday Character 2010-2011 Regular Season Records

Last season was a tough one for the Gameday Characters. From fights during practice to serious injuries to shocking arrests, things were rough. But a new season is upon us and it's time to determine who will inspire the team and the fans on Gamedays.

A great roster has a mix of youth and experience. While we're looking for new Gameday Characters (email us your choices) we will also be bringing back some more seasoned Characters for another run.

Here's how our team faired last season:


Andy & Red: 2-3-0
Inigo Montonya: 0-1-0
Hank Scorpio: 5-1-1
Professor Chaos: 6-3-1
Father Lankester Merrin: 1-0-0
Ron Jeremy: 3-1-0
"Tallahassee": 1-0-0
Doc Holliday: 0-1-1
Gizmo: 0-3-0
President Whitmore: 2-1-0
Carlton Banks: 2-2-0
Snoop Dogg: 0-1-0
The Road Runner: 2-0-0
Al Borland‎: 0-2-0
Rick Grimes: 4-0-0
Captain Ahab: 1-0-0
Ash Williams: 1-0-0
Matlock: 3-0-0
Brian McCaffrey: 1-0-0
Angry Homer Simpson: 2-1-0
Admiral Ackbar: 2-0-1
Krang: 1-0-0
Bob Barker: 0-0-1
Colonel Sam Daniels: 1-0-0
David Puddy: 0-1-0
He-Man: 1-0-0
Walt Kowalski: 1-0-0
Chuck Noland: 0-1-1
None: 0-1-0
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: 1-0-0
Michael Durant & Randy Shughart: 0-0-1
Martin Brody: 0-0-1
President Tom Beck: 0-1-0
Frank Drebin: 1-0-0
Charlie Sheen & Bree Olsen: 0-0-1
Billy Costigan: 1-0-0
John McClane: 0-1-0
Fat Homer Simpson: 1-0-0
The Joker: 2-0-0
Hopefully that adds up. Go Pens.